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Where a second language becomes second nature

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BBQ at Hillside Drive!

Hillside World Academy warmly invites you and your family to join us for a social Saturday barbeque! Any parents you may know who are seeking out schools for their children are also welcome to find out about us, and what more than over this casual meal on campus?

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Whilst the haze may not have left us entirely, we can see clearly enough to witness so many subtly meaningful aspects of our living curriculum here at HWA. This month we highlight activities and events, which make connections within and beyond the school. The campus has come alive, with different sets of students involved in playing, sharing and learning right across the school. The eco pond has captured the attention of students, and while interaction with the pond’s life is still mostly informal, I see teachers engaging students in conversations about what they are seeing. 

The first quarter of the school year could not have ended with a more dynamic week at HWA. Film crews, book characters, and international day preparations and performances shared the stage with the arrival of our newest residents, the turtles and the fish. 


Dear Parents and Students of HWA,

It is with great regret that the Parent Support Group, in conjunction with the School, announces the postponement of the school barbecue this weekend.

This is due to the ongoing hazy condition, and the uncertainty of the weather forecast for this coming weekend.

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Five weeks in and we are starting to look like Hillside World Academy. Our historical base as Chinese International School will always be respected; it helped to form us as a thoroughly bilingual school. That tradition is being maintained. But already we are a different school. We look and feel more diverse, and possibly more international? And that is one of our challenges as we build our new HWA out of CNIS. Our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Cultural Statement have not changed from last year.

Hillside World Academy is open for business. We are a few days into our year, but I can report so far that the campus is a happy and peaceful space. Already the little red shirts and the big black shirts are interacting positively. It has been intriguing to watch the students find their way around the school, and new allegiances are forming. K1 visited my office today, as part of their Grand Campus Tour. The big hit was the spiral brick staircase.